Too Many Years

Looking at the hour glass sitting on the windowsills of a window that doesn’t view the third-dimensions of our outside surroundings.

Looked back in time, where now those you once knew are seen on screens and voice soundings.

It’s been too many years since I’ve looked outside my vehicle to view the radiant moon.

It’s been too many years when being young was being young with no technology to take away our June.

Too many years since really anyone’s seen the real me.

Just too many years since I showered my body in the rains of summer tasting the raindrops the Universe provided me to their cleansing of a new infancy.

It’s been way, way, way too many years since signs were ignored.

Just too many years…as I now emerge, unfolded…totally naked…for those only to adore.

Just too many years I’ve wasted…too many toxins I’ve tasted..

Too many years of hiding in my turtle shells of issues now to control and maintain.

Behold my balance…my imaginations are as talented as walking across the mountains with a long, roped chain.


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