The Woman’s Tears


I’ve seen her tears and saw her pain; I’ve shed those tears too.

I wanted to gently place her head on my billowy breasts to help her get through.

She’s living a life, I once lived, as I know her heart strums chords of gold with a smile so gleeful and contagious that everyone can see.

Through the powers of myself and those who really care, as well as the Lord and Lady, we can set her free.

The woman’s tears, as it’s all too familiar, will not erase my mind.

She needs true friends, magick, and miracles in her life forever so kind.

The ties that bind her are coming from the mouths of her liars.

I’m hoping those tears will pour out in rain showers fiercely to put out her inner fires.

From those of us so true and from the All need to wipe her tears.

From those of us, our purpose is to bring out beauty and power in many, that left this woman’s emotions deceased for years.

The woman’s tears, I have known for so long, because she’s endured like myself a life so similar feeling her broken heart ache.

The path us two have traveled, as she’s still waiting through it, will soon force her to break.

She always deserved all the things she felt she does not get due to those who made her feel less.

Those of us, even myself, and the universe will revive her back to life and no more will she worry or stress.

On her own, she has to fight the demons, with help from those, to banish all the torment and fears.

No more will she or anyone else feel and experience the woman’s tears.





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