The Ice Thaws


The woman is motionless and frozen inside the vast block of ice cube she’s trapped in near hypothermic death, as her whole life flashed before her eyes.

It’s showing her everything from her weaknesses to her strong points, as she’s lived so far, leading her to realize.

There’s a path she’s viewing, as if all this is a cinema, where true love has arrived and spiritual changes along the way with happiness and success all brand new.

She steps forward on this road as the anxiety covers her in an invisible blanket making her ambulate as she grew.

Confusion from the solid water comfort zone, she remained inside for a period, has finally consumed her as she’s to enter this new world she hardly knows.

Slowly thawing out…slowly speaking out…slowly moving towards that land she’s dreamed of making the light above this village that constantly grows.

There is still some fear and still some unease as she is reaching the destination while the ice that surrounded her is dripping madly.

The mourning of the old and entering the passageway of the new is a mixture of both grieving and feeling gladly.

She found her way as the closer she gets to the city of those dreamed opportunities of veiled goals.

Finally she can release the madness, the broken inside her, and out comes those ideas of those old souls.

She’s not sure whether to laugh or cry as she’s been welcomed with open arms.

She knew this was her home, her choice, and her darkness releases and disarms.

The ice thawed out as she is becoming alive again.

Where she goes from here, knowing there’s mistakes on this path and even sin.

Indulgence of her dreams cause no harm to none.

For whatever comes of her, she wants to be proud to shine the sun.



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