Ludacris Natures

How once angry; inner fires inside the scorched spirits..what torture has been placed upon us knowing the spirit can’t be killed.

Immature behaviors acted upon by society over who can be the better we are all just as god as the other, yet we have the evil too willed.

Bickering and angry like children, the blossomed roses and orchids we are, over the nation about members of the nation when the place was trusted upon them.

As is, is as is, as fate chosen the individuals to operate the empires we live and possessed to obsess as it looks even uglier to the person who sings these as a hymn.

How unimportant in matters laying outside brisking in the sun, drinking iced tea on a summer day feeling as if we’re in the spring.

The temperatures of manifeststion has began planted in a soil most pure and organic when the seed has sprouted to another level of their lives potent; the heart.

As to each is their own, and there’s all kinds of kinds there’s the opinions and thoughts of haste and bitterness because one doesn’t follow the other as it’s ludacris in reason, but hate is what’s torn each apart.

Trusted as we follow our own, but the derogatory over differences must end or be learned.

That’s where seen ugly fomed and turned.


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