Invisible in Reality

Words of compliments walk a thousand miles, but wanting a living is greed to most.

Makes me wonder if they have nothing to boast?

So numb from lack of accreditation, it always lacks the gifted’s confident drive.

As I’m destined for something more, here I sit as the pauper with no reason to thrive.

Time lies dormant, unnoticed, and even ignored as patience seems to lose my grips slipping away from it to land me on the rocky placements in the splashing waves.

My talents are the only key to no longer worry homelessness, starving, and feeling so low as the living of my talents craves.

In reality, I’m invisible; my face shows charisma and light for those to fall in lusty love..but my talents seem only noticed by few.

The fight for success is beating me down as years of the battle has wounded my self-worth that feels devastating in the new.

I’ve been invisible, ignored, and unnoticed for a long time.

I’m fed up with false promises, lies, and words never being true as I’m left hanging like an annoying wind chime.

Invisible, it seems in reality, when I want to break the spell.

My talents are worthy not my face..but it seems to make my confidence not so well.


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