Frozen and Numb

It’s in every seasoned cycle, the frozen expressions and the numb bodies walk.
The questions we question are mostly an endless question, as the sickness of analyzing consumes us as we talk.

Frozen and numb either in happiness or sadness, as it’s the choices chosen to feel.
How we choose what we know instead of choosing the road of hard work for the desired appeal.

We are frozen and numb in happiness, sadness, ire, and even in solitude to seclude.
Frozen and numb does not always mean sorrow and anguish, as it is the most described term for someone choosing to exclude.

Empathetic beings always walk in tunnels of darkness claimed so strong to others, as it’s an ability to see more light and and end to the temporary void.
A task not easy for the person who learned their gifts
of these powers in which possesses all of you, as you claim untrue and annoyed.

We mostly imprison ourselves with what was trained in our thoughts since birth.
Frozen and numb is supposed to happen at times because it can devastate those who possess the heart to feel, as those who bash us doesn’t believe in their own worth.

There’s frozen and numb in this yin-yanged world, as it not always means the same words that define.
We also freeze and numb ourselves to the things and beings that have either a powerful or chaotic shine.

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