A Whirlwind of Verses: A New Year

Welcome back. It is a new year and a new set of writing. As my thirties have been passed and on to my forties, many words seem to enter my much older and wiser brain.

I usually post the links here on this page for those to have easy access to the work without having to find the page link. Either way, it will get to my writing.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the words that poured out of my thoughts into the keyboard so far.


The World’s Multitalented


Whirlwind of Verses: The Latest Work of Akasha Wolfhaven


As the next saga of my poetic works continues, the next set of poems will be posted on here with the links to them. As I’m in a new phase, chapter, and age in my life…a new set will do justice to add to this next blog. Here’s the next set as follows.

Whirlwind of Verses: An Introduction

Rainbows After Rains

Too Many Years


Invisible in Reality

A Monster I Despised

Ludacris Natures

Frozen and Numb

Whirlwind of Versed Thoughts: An Introduction

I had remodeled and revamped this blog that has all my poetry written in my past from the late 30s and on. How I recovered the small set I wrote nearly a few years back is beyond me, due to losses of everything else.

I will add more in time as the poetry vibe strikes me again. Many blessings everyone. Do your best to be in love and light, and may you all find balance in your good and your bad. I also want to note, that sometimes you will see daily prompt postings, if it’s in a poem on the main blog. I will correct the situation very shortly.


So Fed Up

Summer’s Creed


Blessings From My Goddess

The Lady of the Water and The Man of the Earth

Overwhelming Periods of Defeat

Dream Dance

The Woman’s Tears

Casted Out…Dark Days

The Other Side of the Mirror

Love Affair with Death

The Day

Pact with the Serpents

A Different Storm

Trials and Tribulations

The Ice Thaws

As Real As Me

Powers of Karma

Wandering for Reasons

His Picture

Touching Pleasures

Mouthful of Joy

Brick Houses and Glass Stones


Twisted Guilt

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